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Yorgos Sapountzis
interviewed by (D. Foutris) - 00:50:00

The voices of this interview have been altered after the request of the artist

Yorgos Sapountzis is a greek born artist who lives and works in Berlin. His latest solo show Forgotten Tactics was held at Isabella Bortolozzi Gallery , Berlin, 2006. In 2007, he has taken part in several group shows ( House Trip ,Art Forum Berlin, The Trees Bring Forth sweet Ecstasy , Klingantal , Basel. Performance "Sculpture Garden" 13th June, during the exhibition 'The Trees Bring Forth sweet Ecstasy' in Klingantal, Basel).
He is also taking part in the 1st Athens Biennial this September.

Caterina Davinio -
1. "Zinskij, The last Letter" 00:04:11 -
2. "Dedicated to Jaguar E" 00:01:50

Caterina Davinio is computer artist, writer, curator. She studied Italian Literature at Roma University I "La Sapienza". During the 90s she organized festivals and meetings in many Italian cities, creating a bridge between the experimental poetry and the circuit of electronic art. She was one of the first poets who realized animated poetry with the computer in Italy, in 1990. Since 1998 her work appeared in Internet with collaborative projects, among them, become an international point of reference of poetry avant-garde. She presented world-wide her work in biennials and festivals (in more than 70 exhibitions), has published essays about new media poetry, catalogues, poems and computer poems, a novel (Còlor còlor, 1998). Present in hundreds of web pages and sites, among them "NY Art Magazine" and "Rhizome" (NY), and in art and literature experimental reviews (paper and software): "BoXon" (F), "Doc(K

1. "Zinskij, The last Letter". Text, voice, digital elaboration by Caterina Davinio. Unpublished sound poem from the cycle Terminal Video-Poems, "terminal" because they appear on the screen, and because they are between textual and multimedia dimension, last phase of linear language in poetry .

2. "Dedicated to Jaguar E", 1'50", 2007.Composition, sound, editing: Caterina Davinio. Thanks: Leonardo Sergun (original music), Patrik Bernardi (voice)

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Heller - 00:31:00

HELLER is the project of two french musicians, Eddie Ladoire and Sébastien Roux. Their music is based on the confrontation between guitar generated drones and digital processing . Heller holds the bet of a music in balance between the music latop and a concrete and sensual music.

Eddie ladoire Artist - Sound designer- living in Bordeaux. Eddie Ladoire, in charge of the association M.A. specialised in concerts programming for electronic and experimental music. He is also a musician. Pianist of formation, he was a bass player within a post-rock'n'roll group before coming to the electronic music first of all as DJ then while turning to the compositions on computer.

Sébastien Roux Sébastien Roux is a French musician living in Paris. His influences include concrete music, folk songs, and electronic music and his work at IRCAM in Paris wraps his ecclectic tastes into an expertly produced work of digital sound that does not rely on one particular sound or motif but rather highlights a breadth of processes and unique sonic juxtaposititons

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Easy every day a project by Davide Bertocchi - 01:02:54
at SaintLukas Gallery - Brussels

You can download the MP3 files individually by clicking on each piece below.

Intro (Doedelzakmuziek) : Nele Von Hoegenberg
Asphalt Rivers : Officier Jones And His Patrol Car Problems
Vertical Spider:  Geert Koekoeckx
A Day Off: Jay Vanz
Kleine Egel: Salty  Snails
Broken Norm: Tom De Boeck
Metal No 1: Amo Hendrickx
Density II: Open Density
Number 2: Quote
Floating Bridges: Sign of the Raven
Kortma: Wim Croeye
Track 2: Hantrax-Emilio-Victor
Scheur: Jan Pilaert & Peter Jacquemyn
A Red Fox: Psy’Aviah
Sundown(Shortcut): Fre-quency
909 Walkure: Guido Devadder

For his new project, especially conceived for the St Lukas Gallery Brussels in 2006 – 07, the Italian artist Davide Bertocchi is using popular culture as a social vehicle to liberate hidden creativity as part of a dynamic site-specific installation. As an independent art institution, the St Lukas Gallery works together with an art college that offers a wide  variety of departments ranging from pure artistic education to more applied and technical services. Bertocchi invited students and lecturers to take over the exhibition space from January to March 2006, transforming the marbled entrance hall into a broadcasting and listening room. All the amateur and professional musicians among the students and staff of the college were offered the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and energies in public. 
Everyone was invited to bring CDs of their music and play them on a special sound system, provided by the artist and converted into a marble sculpture. In fact the parts of the audio system are hidden in a number of marble boxes, thereby integrating them first into the early 20 th -century marbled gallery space. The sound system became a kind of monolith, but also a monument. The marble sarcophagus provided a sort of ‘protection’ for the sound system, as it excluded any other possible sound setting. 
At the end of the exhibition all the music and sounds collected were put into a compilation CD, which was published as a collective multiple art work. The whole project was presented in its original or a slightly different form on several occasions in Paris and in Italy and at Art Brussels 2007.


carlos slazengers audio obstacle course 12 - 01:02:56

Mission Statement for Carlos Slazengers Audio Obstacle Course
‘Doncha wish your deejay was wrong like me?, doncha wish your deejay was a freak like me? dontcha?’

Im on Artwave Radio to trade under the name of Carlos Slazenger- ‘Wrongist’ Dee Jay of  radical, neglected & incredibly strange recorded sound, past present & future. I am a collector who has found that some of the most interesting things that exist are not those that are pushed into your face by the ACME multi-national entertainment corp .I create radio programmes & party nights that are intended to confound & surprise, something that mainstream music seems to have lost its talent for. It ain’t easy to answer what music I play when I’m asked, as I genuinely have no axe to grind regarding any one particular genre, and I am not in the least concerned with clutching at the coat tails of ‘cool’. Though I am a lifelong fan of Captain Beefheart & The Fall, I suffer no pangs of aching credibility by following them with Sabrina or Jethro Tull, I’m happy to play artrock, krautrock, early rockabilly, I’ve taken my concept to the clubs & bars with my friends as ‘Non Stop Hits’ & I’m currently starting a new night called ‘pub juke box’ with mates from which is a homesick ex pats attempt to recreate an English pub experience (without the underlying aggression ). I also dee jay regularly on I have every intention of continuing to search for overlooked oddities to charm you with for as long as I have left to inhabit this planet, which judging by the state of them cowboys carbon footprints wont be too long…

P.S if any of you lot out there have got a copy of ‘Band on the Trot’ by Hylda Baker & Arthur Mullard I’m willing to do anything to get my hands on it…anything. Stalk me at


Old Timey Radio Show - Paul Zografakis-
1. The War of the Worlds - 00:59:13

As an extension to my series of live performances titled Book on Tape, I propose a series of 17 one-hour broadcasts based on the work of Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater Company.  Wearing headphones I actively recite, regurgitating the narration in real time. Distracted by events in the story and the vibration of my own voice, a broken narrative of slurs and utterances is created. I am interested in highlighting the differences in the broadcast medium and broadcast content between then and today.

In 1938, their radio series put Orson Welles and the radio drama on the map, especially with the broadcast of H.G. Wells’ story The War of the Worlds . I believe the work presented in my re-re-broadcasting of these stories, directly represents the waning attention span of a world inundated with the moving image. Not unlike 1938 when families gathered around the radio for their entertainment and information, the Internet serves as equally entertaining and deceiving a medium.

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